Project Management – Formality Combined with Agility = Quality

Project Management – Formality Combined with Agility = Quality

Having worked on various infrastructure and application projects within both Public and Private Sector Organisations over the years, the PRINCE2 methodology has indeed assisted me with a structure to manage customer projects on time and to budget.  However, my experience has taught me to use as much or as little as is necessary and don’t over complicate the paperwork when you don’t have to, for both the customer and delivery teams.

To keep it simple, there are basically 3 types of Projects or Programmes – “small, medium & large”, these can mean different things to different customers, so it is very important from the outset to find out what it is that our customers require, and what area they believe their project fits into in terms of size. Depending on the complexities of the Project or Programme, we break down the tasks into Work Packages for delivery.  We believe that this helps the customer align their internal resources and timescales, as ultimately there will be work and probably process changes for them after delivery.

Bridgeall work “hand in hand” with our customers, to make sure that we are crystal clear on the project requirements, before providing the customer with a cost and timescale for delivery.  Using this ethos, communication is the key to every part of our delivery and we use SharePoint tools to work interactively with our customers daily.  This enables both parties to be “out and about” with mobile access at all times to the latest project information, without having to be at our desks.  The use of Microsoft Lync is instrumental in our daily communications and enables us to gain access to people at the touch of a button.

There will always be new infrastructure and application technologies, and with these come more complex and challenging project deliveries for our customers.  Customers do worry about how they will be able to move forward and how much time and effort this will involve.  The Bridgeall Team’s extensive experience assists our customers in planning for the future.  We get the best results for them at the right time with the right people by working together as a one team.

We use the agile methodology to manage our “build work” and PRINCE2 to manage our “paperwork”.  We have found that by combining these techniques we get the best results for our customers at all times.

The customer has the reassurance that Project Governance and hygiene are always being monitored, and by using the agile daily scrums we can plan the best use of our resources against the workload.  The daily scrum also enables us to switch direction if the project changes in any way for the customer or if there is additional scope required to slot into the same delivery timescales.

Our customer is provided with a visual display document of what will be delivered (use case & mock-ups).  This makes the requirements and change process much easier and quicker from the beginning of the project.  We can quickly identify change and proceed with development, rather than doing the development and then changing when it doesn’t look right for the customer.

We get it right for our customers by tailoring our methods with the customers’ requirements and expectations.  We understand that our customers have customers, and they too need to deliver.  Working together as a team is absolutely the key to any successful delivery and these deliveries move on to become long term relationships and partnerships for the future.

It is evident in my time here at Bridgeall that this methodology has been tried and tested over the years with our customers and it works extremely well for all parties.  As a Project Manager I feel very fortunate to be working with a lot of new customers on exciting and challenging deliveries.  These new opportunities will ultimately provide a period of growth for both our customers and Bridgeall in terms of knowledge and skillset and will enable us all to build stronger collaborative team working for the years ahead.