Digital Transformation and the Changing Role of the Project Management Office


blog post from last November summarised three new thought leadership reports from the influential Project Management Institute (PMI) covering the changing role of the project management profession in an era of digital disruption.

To continue performing a strategic role in driving transformation, the Project Management Office (PMO) will need to evolve as a strategic collaborator, an agent for organisational change translating strategy to business outcomes delivered through projects. Digital disruption has become a powerful catalyst driving ‘next generation’, high performing Project Management Offices – PMOs who embrace disruption and play an increasingly important role in the successful implementation of strategic change initiatives within their organisation.

The Institute’s thoughts in this area are reinforced in the two videos below covering digital transformation and the changing role of the Project Management Office.

By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of project portfolio management, governance and reporting at each stage of the project lifecycle, all from a single dashboard, Bridgeall’s new smartPMO solution releases capacity to allow focus on the PMO’s increasingly important change management role.

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